Our group participated at the Collider OnCampus CAT 2022

In the last two months, me together with two PhD students MSc. Guillem Casadevall, MSc. Cristina Duran and the project manager Dr. Teresa Corona had participated at the Collider OnCampus CAT 2022 from the Mobile World Capital Barcelona with the project GREENZYME. This project funded by the recent Prueba de Concepto call focuses on the computational design and/or optimization of enzymes for industrial processes. During the OnCampus the team interviewed with around 40 industries to explain their project and validate their product.

The Collider onCampus is a 7-week online entrepreneurship programme for university students and researchers based on the Lean Launchpad methodology by MWCaptial to connect scientific research with an entrepreneurial initiative. This method helps universities to assess the viability of the commercialization of new technologies through building entrepreneurial ventures.