Rational enzyme design

We rationally design enzymes for industrially and medically relevant targets using our developed computational pipelines, which can now be experimentally validated in the new wet lab acquired thanks to the recent ERC-CoG grant awarded.

Who We Are

We aim to design new enzymes for distinct processes important for their potential applications in medicine.

Enzymes are the most efficient, specific and selective catalysts known up to date. Despite the enzyme advantages, not all synthetic processes present a natural enzyme to catalyze and accelerate the reactions. Hence, the design of new stable enzymes for those processes where no biocatalyst is known represents a major challenge for protein engineering and a stringent test to understand how natural enzymes work. In addition to that, the ability of designing specific active enzymes is of great interest due to the potential applications in biotechnology, biomedicine and industrial processes.

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Ongoing projects

In the group we investigate through computational modeling many biochemical processes mainly related to enzyme catalysis.

What We Provide

Computational design of proficient enzymes: exploring the molecular basis of biocatalysis

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