Dr. Osuna group purchased the GALATEA supercomputer for performing extensive Molecular Dynamics simulations with the European Research Council – Starting grant project NetMODEzyme (ERC-2015-StG-679001 project). GALATEA has been now remodeled thanks to the new European Research Council – Consolidator Grant project FASTEN (ERC-2022-CoG-101088032) and is now based on 352 Intel Xeon CPUs, 118-NVIDIA GTX1080, 16-NVIDIA A4500, and 8 AMD EPYC 7453 with a total of 224 cores with 8-RTX4090 and 2-A100.


We have access to the following supercomputing facilities:

-IQCC local CPU machine called beta (58 CPUs of dual-processors Xeon and Opteron 250s, with a total of 736 cores, including: 6 (4-core/node) and 6 (8-core/node) AMD Opteron nodes and 24 (12-core/node) and 22 (16-core/node) Intel Xeon nodes).

-Access through research projects to the Minotauro GPU and CPU facilities of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).

-Access to the CPU cluster called CESCA.

Thanks to the recently awarded ERC-2022-CoG-101088032 our group owns a wet lab of ca. 100 m2 for the experimental production, purification, storage, and characterization of the different enzyme variants. Our lab is equipped with all necessary equipment for recombinant protein assays including:

-ÄKTA GO for protein purification

-plate reader (Ruo Synergy LX – Agilent BioTek) for assays

-GC-FID (Agilent 8860) for analysis

-HPLC (Agilent 1260 Infinity II) for analysis