KITZYME, ERC-2023-PoC-101158166


European Research Council (ERC) – Proof of Concept: “Development of rationally designed enzyme kits” (KITZYME, ERC-2023-POC-101158166). Total: 150,000€. Period: 2024-2025

  • RESEARCH YEAR 2024-2025
  • Funding 150,000€


Enzymes exhibit high efficiency, specificity, selectivity, biodegradability, non-toxicity, and the ability to function effectively under
gentle biological conditions. These qualities render enzymes a sustainable and eco-friendly substitute for traditional catalysts within
industrial settings. However, harnessing enzymes for industrial applications often necessitates extensive and costly experimental
engineering efforts. Computational methods hold promise as potential solutions, but these have not yet demonstrated the ability to
rapidly design highly efficient enzymes that mimic those found in Nature. As opposed to other methods, our computational approach
developed in the previous ERC-STG can introduce active site and distal mutations that modulate the enzyme conformational
dynamics, achieving increases in catalytic efficiency of up to 1000-fold. This project aims to exploit the proprietary technology
developed in ERC-STG and ERC-POC for generating a set of patentable rationally designed enzyme kits focused on stereoselective
carbon-carbon bond formation. KITZYME aims to create a spin-off for the exploitation of the new set of rationally designed enzyme
kits as well as the proprietary technology developed for enzyme optimization. Both the enzyme kits and our technology are the
cornerstone of the project, and will provide industries with a cost-effective, scalable, and environmentally sustainable solution.